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 Village and City Construction Suggestion/Guide

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PostSubject: Village and City Construction Suggestion/Guide   Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:58 pm

Obviously, a city would be a major investment for a mayor wishing to start a new one. This indicates a pinnacle of the empire, and requires a few things.

Village Founding
To create a village, a player must find 3 people willing to live with him. Then, he must request an audience with one of the Three Kings. They will then declare their request, and if the king allows, they must pay 750 SB in order to found a village on a tract of land that a Ranger has discovered already.

The Village is founded when the following criteria are met:

1) The Village must have 3 houses, one for each villager.
2) The Village must have 1 major building listed below.
3) The village must have either A. a connection to an existing highway or B. a teleportation Hub. Both cost money from the Spellblades to make.

After these criteria are complete, the village is founded, and can start accepting people into their village. A Tax of 5 SB per in-game day must be paid to New Avalon. Once you gain 5 people in the village, you evolve to...

City Founding
After a village has been established and is relatively populous, with more people living there (5-10 people, more when there are cities already made) people, you can than petition the Three Kings for another audience. ALL THREE kings must come to the audience, and if they reach a favorable verdict after you explaining yourself, you will be able to turn your village into a city-state. This will give you more options of things in your village and open up the ability to place city walls and protect your city. You also can start to tax the people of your city however much you wish, but larger taxes might scare away the people, so beware!

To get your town to evolve to a city, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Major Buildings must be built, besides the City Wall, which can come later. (Not recommended, though.) After you build the buildings and have enough residential areas (One per person in your city) You are then considered a true city and are required to pay New Avalon a sum of 50 SB must be paid to New Avalon, larger sums might even gain you recognition from the Three Kings. (Explained below)

Required to level up a town.

Guild Houses: Headquarters are only in New Avalon, but when major cities are made they should at least have basic accommodations for guild members.

Tavern: Basic meeting place for Rangers. Rangers would be the ones in charge of scouting new positions for cities and also work alongside Mining Guild members to find new mining points.

Spellblade Teleportation Nexus: This allows Spellblades to come and go at will, and will be needed if the city hopes to get a good transportation system running, as Spellblades are the only ones who can make Teleporters and Highways.

Mayorial Mansion: Home for the Mayor, could also be used as the Keep when the city is threatened.

Trader's Square: Allows traveling traders to visit and sell their wares. To indicate a traveling trader is "set up" and ready for business, they could "lay out their wares" by placing a 3x3 area of half blocks.

At least 5 homes: You can;t have a city without people! You must have at least 10 homes if you wish your town to be dubbed a city.

City Walls: More advanced cities can commission the Spellblades to build them a wall. There are several styles:

(You must pay to remove a wall before you can have a better one placed.)

Stone Fence: A 1-block thick, 2 blocks high wall of stone. Very easy to break in to. 200 SB Cost to Remove: 100 SB

Palisade: A wall of fences, the first step of any major wall. Cost: 500 SB Cost to Remove: 250 SB

Stone Wall: A 3 block thick wall of solid stone. Cost: 750 SB Cost to Remove: 375 SB

Imperial Walls: 3 Block thick wall. Outer layers are stone, inner layer is gravel to prevent easy breakthrough. Cost: 1000 SB Cost to Remove: 750 SB

Grand Imperial Fortress Walls: Stone walls filled with lava. 3 blocks thick. Cost: 3000 SB Cost to Remove: - -

Alternates to walls, but very expensive. Water ones only work against monsters, while lava works against monsters and players.

Water Moats are an additional 500 SB per depth you wish dug.
Lava Moats are an additional 5000 SB per depth you wish dug.



When a city pays more money to the crown than other cities, this gains them favor with the crown. Each city may choose to pay their tribute to one or all of the kings. If a specific King gets the tribute and it pleases him, he might send his personal guards to help defend the city who gained his favor. If all three kings are impressed, than it causes any hostile action against the city to be illegal.

This can and will be incredibly useful when PvP and damage is implemented.
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Village and City Construction Suggestion/Guide
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