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Vacation vacation! Take a break. Avalon will be back later. I'm mostly keeping it down now because lots of new games are coming out soon like Dead Rising 2, Fable 3, and Fallout.

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 Dainslaif's Application. [Reviewed]

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PostSubject: Dainslaif's Application. [Reviewed]   Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:45 pm

Name: Dainslaif D'Nazirok (Adam)

Age: 147 (23)

Reason you want to join New Avalon: I am looking for a server to spend some time in, and etch out a little place of my own. I am a long time D&D player and like to develop character through interaction with a persistent world stocked with actual players.

Admin/OP in any other servers?: I have not been an admin on any other servers. In fact I am still quite new to minecraft in general.

How long are you on per day?: (Approximate) I am usually playing Minecraft for 4 to 5 hours daily, and usually when I get off work around 11pm EST.

Can we trust you?: This is a question that begets fallacious responses, however... I am generally a benefactor in the things I participate in. All of my D&D chars are min/maxed but while I do min/max it's usually in a way that I can help the other players I am with so that they're having a more enjoyable time as well. I think this bellies my attitude towards games and online-communities in general.

Additional comments: I am a sociology student, currently working towards a PhD for research work. My main area of study and what I will be pursuing grants for is to study online social structures existing in anonymous environments. These kinds of communities are my bread and butter. Though I am not the most skilled Minecraft player, I am an avid and voracious learner. I would like to be in an environment where I can contribute, be a part of, and help grow. I doubt I will be much of a great builder, but I am a facilitator and would probably be a resource gatherer and seller.

Dainslaif D'Nazirok - Human planeswalker - True Neutral (with tendency to lean toward lawful)

Dainslaif comes from a long ancestry of human planeswalkers. Though humans are the minority amongst the planes, Dainslaif's family is of the most ancient and proficient. The ancient tradition of the D'Nazirok line is that of nomads, their calling in life to experience and chronicle the planes themselves. This is the creed Dainslaif has taken up. Finding himself here on Avalon was no act of folly. Here he will stay and facilitate help to those who need it in exchange for information, experience, and personal growth.
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Dainslaif's Application. [Reviewed]
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