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Vacation vacation! Take a break. Avalon will be back later. I'm mostly keeping it down now because lots of new games are coming out soon like Dead Rising 2, Fable 3, and Fallout.

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 Daggerz FOR President? [Reviewed]

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PostSubject: Daggerz FOR President? [Reviewed]   Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:45 pm

Hai ..... Im not actually running for president, was just trying to get ur attention Smile!! And I think it worked!
Well Heres My App!!

Name:Daggerz (Err not sure if you want real name or Ingame name .... Sry im dumb Razz)
Age: 17 34/323
Reason you want to join New Avalon: There are Many many reasons id like to Join Avalon, Firstly id rather help build a new server than join an old one, Id like to make new friends and share what i know with this new community. I also Love RP, since you can doo many things you normally cannot do in real life, its basicly your second life except u can die and nothing will happen Smile. Did I mention i like building stuff? Ill help with anything and everything i can.
Admin/OP in any other servers?: Yes, ive been OP in 2 Minecraft Classic servers, and One RP in Alpha Called Ongles RP but he hasnt been around lately and this sounds much better.
How long are you on per day?: 3hrs-8hrs (Longer on weekends)
Can we trust you?: Twisted Evil YesSir
Additional Comments: U wont be dissapointed if u pick me!

Now Go Out There AND VOTE for meh!!
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Daggerz FOR President? [Reviewed]
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